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"LD GRADNJA" DOO is a construction company founded in 2007 in Niksic, Montenegro. The company carries out its activities within the system of firms LD Group from Niksic, Crna Gora Engineering from Moscow and Montenegro Engineering from Moscow.

The main operating base of "LD Gradnja" consists of workers and professional staff of the former construction company Gradjevinsko preduzece Crna Gora from Niksic. Hard work, regular training and promoting of knowledge and skills of our staff contribute to the constant growth and undeniable quality of our services.

The guarantor of quality of service delivered by the association "LD Gradnja" is fifty years of experience in the field of construction that our employees and executive staff have.

Confirmation of quality is more than 1,500 structures built on the territory of Montenegro and Russia.

So far, we have built more than 5,000 apartments, 17 hotels and a large number of business and manufacturing facilities.

The high rating given to us by our investors and business partners serves as the driving force in our effort to organize and raise the quality of construction work at a high international level.

Neither the cold Russian winter nor the difficult working conditions have managed to make us stop or slow down.

It has been 18 years since "LD Gradnja" started producing on the demanding Russian market.

Our professional staff and workers are trained to perform technically demanding and complex building structures.

The principal activities that make the basis of our development strategy are:

  • “Key-in-hand” Projects;
  • Construction and engineering;
  • Construction, craft, hydraulic and other work, as well as reconstruction, restoration, upgrading and expansion of facilities;
  • Civil engineering - traffic, landscaping, surveying jobs;
  • Design and construction of the interior;
  • Installation-dismantling, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial facilities;
  • Maintenance and reparation of completed structures.

In accordance with the requirements of the modern international market, the objectives of "LD Gradnja" are aimed at improving the business and technical cooperation, permanent adoption of new knowledge and skills of employees, the application of new technologies and the renewal of equipment.

We are equipped and trained to perform all types of construction.

Modern tools and materials, planking system "DALLI" and "DOKA", with the knowledge and experience of our employees, guarantee a successful completion of construction projects.

Quality in due time - that is the principle we have always adhered to.